Manufacturing Execution System (MES) ensures that quality and efficiency are built into the manufacturing process and that they are proactively and systematically enforced. The Manufacturing Execution System.

Production and Inventory Operations Management

Transform production and inventory operations by digitally managing the business rules and capturing information about the “Who, What, When, Where, Why and How Much” in batch and hybrid production processes.

Performance Management

Manufacturing performance management helps keep equipment operating at peak performance and provides the edge to increase margins, cut costs, and compete at a higher level. Real-time visibility helps identify the weakest links in your lines and use overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) KPI monitoring to manage them back to full operating potential.

Quality Operations Management

Digital quality operations management provides everything you need to marshal your equipment, your procedures, and your people around a mission to maintain and continuously improve production quality. Execute quality sample plans with complete functionality for both automated and manual data collection and alignment with work order execution events.

MES integration with Plant Control Systems, SCADA , Historian, ERP

Achieve increased manufacturing supply chain efficiency and business agility through reliable and optimised information flow between shop floor and business operations. Integrating MES, ERP, or other business systems with supply chain visibility enables near real-time decision support.

Genealogy Reporting

For every product you will be able to track all the consumed parts, the suppliers that supplied the parts, the people that worked on the product and when they worked on it, the equipment that was used to manufacture the part, Lot numbers, Serial Numbers, the measurement data that was acquired, if there was any rework etc.