Manufacturing Traceability solutions give you insight into each manufactured component and its full history across each assembly operation. We provide the tools to enable review and analysis of this data by time span, shift or part population, with drill down to individual serial numbers in only a few clicks.

Asset / Material Tracking system

providing the option to plan ahead and create a contingency plan in case of delays in delivery. Real-time visibility of inventory levels allows companies to provide accurate delivery dates to customers, besides allowing to optimize their own manufacturing schedules.

Work-In-Progress Tracking system

Work-In-Progress traceability system provides clear insight about the order status and delivery status of the each order by integrating with ERP system. WIP Traceability helps in Raw material management and ensures FIFO concept in clear.

Inventory Management system

Inventory management system handles many data from “Fetching the data from Oracle for GRN information to verifying the dispatching information before shipment” Also, to keep track of goods it handles attributes like PO numbers, serial numbers, cost of goods, the number of goods, dates when it went for production.

Dispatch Automation solution

Dispatch operation is considered to be very vital, as your organization will be rewarded based on the quality of the products you deliver. So before delivering your service/order, you have to ensure you are shipping the right one in an optimized manner and priority based.

ERP Integration solution

ERP Integration is vital one to ensure the complete Traceability system in a plant. Complete integration with ERP System done through all available FTP customization with any kind of Platform available in plant.

Genealogy tracking system

For every product you will be able to track all the consumed parts, the suppliers that supplied the parts, the people that worked on the product and when they worked on it, the equipment that was used to manufacture the part, Lot numbers, Serial Numbers, the measurement data that was acquired, if there was any rework etc.

RM to FGS Tracking system

RM to FGS tracking system implemented in one the leading automative company which enables Complete traceability from RM store to FGS by using RFID, Barcode Technologies with SAP Integration through FTP. Each area product change identified through unique id based on area kept in database.